Virtual Support


Sometimes all the strategy and systems in the world can't prevent human-involved tasks from happening.


And sometimes, let's face it, there isn't enough time in the day to get those human tasks done.


Since 2011, our Virtual Support team has been helping small business owners and solopreneurs get their stuff done and stay on task.

We work a few ways:


  • Project management and execution - you need something done, you need help. There is a start and an end to the project.

  • Ongoing support. You have tasks that constantly need to be done. Email check ins, scheduling support, customer support, blog and newsletters, or having literally a "virtual assistant".


Let me give you some examples.

We can...

  • Be a back-up for your email inbox. We can even respond to your clients or triage your email for you to free up some of your time and ensure your clients feel connected with.

  • Format, post and send out your blog and newsletter - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly - because you're likely putting this off.

  • Create an online course for you (with your content) on one of several LMS programs - because learning ANOTHER system is a big pain in the butt.

  • Set up a lead magnet for you on your website to help you build your list - because you're creating a warm "community" network which is important to growth.

  • Set up a scheduling or CRM system for you to AUTOMATE your most frequent tasks.

  • Manage spreadsheets, reports and other admin stuff that seems to just pile up - because you need to focus on bigger more brilliant things...

And much more...

We take a STRATEGY FIRST approach which usually saves you from throwing money at stuff that you don't need.



Q:     I have something urgent that needs to be done today. How do I get a hold of you?

A:     Unless you're a current client and have gone through our intake process, we don't accept urgent requests. Our space for work is pre-scheduled and sometimes at capacity. Booking a Get to Know You call is your first step to getting the ball rolling.


Q:     Do you outsource work overseas?

A:      No. We work with a small handpicked team, currently all based in Canada. 

Q:     What does a STRATEGY FIRST approach mean and how does it save me money?

A:     Many people contact us requesting that they need an assistant, but with some tweaks and proper strategy you may not need to keep paying someone to do repetitive tasks. To learn more about strategy solutions, click here.

Q:     How much does your Virtual Support service cost?

A:     It depends on what you need. Projects are priced by quote. Ongoing support starts around $450/month.