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Stop calling it a newsletter! (with 7 alternative names)

Something has shifted in me in the last 6-8 months where I want to get rid of excess in my life. The stuff I thought I wanted but it ended up just feeling like a bit too much, or heavy, or just another thing to dust.

Dishes. Trinkets. Systems. Clothes. EMAIL.

And if you’ve done my New Email Rules course, you know all about how email has the potential to take over your inbox and cause you to be busy, but unproductive.

So I’ve been doing a lot of unsubscribing and trimming the fat.

But what if you are the email sender, building your list, wanting someone to want your emails as much as you want to send them?

You know they have value, you know they will love them, but how do we get them to sign up, open and read them?

Step one: Stop calling it a newsletter.

The word “newsletter” and “junk” are basically the same.

Ok, that’s unscientifically proven, but I know my thoughts on it are newsletter = spammy over sending without a ton of value.

The word is overused and lazy in my opinion because we’ve been told that we all need to have a newsletter.

Some of us comply but it becomes simply a content creating exercise and not an exercise in authentic sharing.

People LOVE authentic sharing though.

A work journal.

A digest of information.

A scratch pad of ideas.

Assign your newsletter email blasts a new job and use it as an authentic way to communicate to your clients.

In a journal, you can ponder thoughts, solve problems and write therapeutically and authentically about happenings in your industry.

In a digest, you can compile cool industry information, trends, thoughts and reviews.

A scratch pad could be exactly how it sounds. Sketches, prototypes, ideas that may come to life.

This is about sharing an insider view and with your readers and a candid look at you and your business.

Here are 7 words that could replace “Newsletter”...

TIP: You can take this exercise even further and get on the ol’ Thesaurus for other similar but different words. Have fun with this.








Search for words that hold the energy that is engaging but most importantly, that you want to create and send out.

Words have energy. Don’t default to the norm.

Feel free to share your creative ideas below.

Until next time,


Brooke Simmons

Brooke Simmons is the principal of Green Door, small business systems strategist, baby pilot, yogi and nature lover. She loves mixing super practical systems strategy with a cup of common sense and a dash of mindset mastery. She works with clients by creating courses and programs to help them master their business and 1:1 strategy sessions. You can get in touch with her here.

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