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So you want to launch an online course? Here's what you need to do first...

Well November's efficiency habit is creating online courses, so I want to touch base here on some considerations and things you need to make some decisions on, and steps you need to take before you even sell one bum in one seat of your new upcoming course.

When clients come to me, excited about their upcoming course launch, they are likely in "content creation brain", which is amazing...that's where they should be.

But they often get overwhelmed when they either don't know, or struggle to figure out the technical steps to pre-selling course seats...and they just want to get rolling on that to validate that what they are doing is actually going to fly.

I have created a checklist for you of technical and strategic considerations before, during and after your launch.

This is not a marketing how-to. There is plenty of that out there.

These are practical things that need to happen either by you or someone that helps you do this.

In fact, these items are super easy to delegate and I would highly suggest you find someone capable to support you with them. But you still need to know and make decisions on some of this stuff...so it's important for you to be in the loop here with your launch.

I've created a short audio podcast and a Course Prep Action Guide for you to download here.

Feel free to reach out if you are at the stage of needing support with your course launch!

Brooke Simmons is the principal of Green Door, small business systems strategist, baby pilot/aviation nerd, yogi and nature lover. She loves mixing super practical systems strategy with a cup of common sense and a dash of mindset mastery. She works with clients by creating courses and programs to help them master their business and 1:1 strategy sessions. You can get in touch with her here.

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