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Mailchimp is now Offering Free Automation

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Every now and then you get a sweet little surprise in life: a coffee from a stranger or  a markdown on a cute dress at the cashier you weren’t expecting.

Mailchimp decided to give users a cute little gift: they’ve decided to make their automation (as in autoresponder service) free. Yep. Free. Zero dollah’s.

Mailchimp starts charging you once you have over 2,000 subscribers on your mailing list, regardless. Previously, even with under 2,000 subscribers, you needed to “add” on to your plan if you wanted automation.

Now this feature is included, which to me, is very important.

What Can You Use Automation For?

Once someone is on a list, unless you push constant content out (which you should), they will just sit. In the meantime, other things could be happening in the background to help educate and grow sales. You can also use automation for sending things like course materials at certain intervals.

Here are some examples:

  1. Send a welcome sequence to new subscribers with offers/information.

  2. Onboard new subscribers to a list who require certain information.

  3. Send out course emails and reminders.

  4. Send out course materials at certain intervals.

  5. Follow up on purchases.

  6. Follow up on abandoned shopping carts.

  7. Reminder emails: membership renewal, events, etc.

  8. Pre-launch emails.

  9. Happy birthday emails.

  10. Event follow up emails.

  11. Marketing sequences.

If email automation is something you have not considered within your business yet, I would suggest a complimentary strategy session to see how to maximize this free service – it’s a GREAT time to start building your list!

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