• Brooke Simmons

How to Rapid Triage Your Email to Save Time

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

So many clients that first come to me use their email as the main “hub” of their business. It’s easy to get caught in this, as email will never stop coming in. You can be “busy” in your inbox all the live long day.

But that’s a mistake.

Let me tell you why.

You get caught up on various topics and other people’s priorities. (Which, if are your clients, ok…but you should also be serving them OUTSIDE of email as emails are not entirely valuable).

We feel special and busy when we have a lot of email to answer. Or we have a panic attack when we see how many emails have rolled in overnight. While I’m not at all telling you to avoid your email…I am encouraging you to rethink how we use it and avoid putting tons of weight in you inbox.

Focus on bigger picture serving instead.

In this mini-lesson I show you the basic steps I teach my clients to become a whiz at email management. Spend less time in email people! Work on bigger picture stuff.

If you’re looking for more email processing and organization strategy, check out out my Stop the Email Insanity Mini-Course.

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