• Brooke Simmons

Hot or Not? The Systems I’m Keeping and The Systems I’m Ditching in 2017

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Well, I’ve started off 2017 head first with a new goal: do more video!

And here we are.

Please excuse the colouring of this video – it’s a work in progress.

Since I work with online systems all day long, I thought I’d share with you, my winners…and losers…of 2016. Two that consistently have performed well for my clients, and two that were absolute disappointments – you’ll be surprised. Also, at the end of the video I share 2 really promising newer systems I am currently playing with, that could have HUGE potential. If you are looking to improve your systems and productivity, check these out.

PLUS, I’m sharing my team’s Master List of systems that we use and recommend to clients in a special free gift. Just click the link below.

Click here to get the Master Systems List.

All my best,

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