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Can You Take a Break From Your Business This Summer?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

As we’re on the cusp of summer time, and we’re getting into the “let’s go for ice cream” evenings, most of us have started to think about taking a summer time work siesta…aka a holiday.

Taking time away from your business is completely essential to keeping the creative wheels turning and keeping us from burning out. I don’t want to beat you over the head with the “take a holiday” schtick….you can read the reasons why here.

What I do want to ask you though, is if you walked away from your business tomorrow, could things keep on happening, or does the business depend entirely on you?

While many solopreneurs are their business, it doesn’t mean that things need to grind to a complete halt.

Consider these business development initiatives while on vacation:

  1. Batch create and schedule email blasts and blog posts to send to your clients/post while away with a call to action. You want to give them information and an opportunity to work with you and get in touch.

  2. Build your list by creating a downloadable resource for visitors to your website. Visitors will exchange their email address for something of value that you have created: a resource guide, report, checklist, etc…you will be list building while you are away.

  3. Create and schedule blog posts WITH a downloadable resource. Your site will remain active, and you maximize your list building reach.

  4. Schedule your social – Hopefully you are doing this anyway, but ensure that your social media is consistently active to achieve organic growth. You may want to make sure that you have someone on hand to handle any communications or questions while you’re away.

  5. Have a way to book a chat/meeting while you are gone. I use the automated scheduler Acuity, and set up a 15 minute “coffee time” block for quick chats. You could set up your out of office with this link and customize times for the coffee times.

You may also want to consider hiring someone virtually to help you keep the wheels turning while you are gone.

Virtual support can help you:

  1. Respond to and triage emails while you are away.

  2. Schedule appointments/meetings on your behalf while you are away.

  3. Ensure monthly/weekly/as needed invoicing/billing goes out.

  4. Monitor social media for questions and communication

  5. Work on projects/website updates/etc. while you are gone.

What would be the investment you are willing to make in your business to ensure that your business needs are covered in your absence or that projects are humming along while you are off sipping a margarita somewhere.

Cheers to a wonderful vacation,


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