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A Stellar Business Education…For Free!?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

What a wonderful world we live in now with so many resources, information and education literally at our fingertips anywhere in the world thanks to our laptops and phones and….Google.

If you’re curious and resourceful enough, you can learn anything you want – on your own time and in your underpants if you wish – very quickly. Things that could’ve taken months or years to learn pre-internet era, now are mostly only limited to only the amount of time you have to spend on studying and your wifi signal.

Some of us are seriously in learning heaven!

Podcasts are such an amazing and FREE way to contribute to your business education and they’re short and sweet enough to do daily.  You are learning from other people’s experiences (which I personally find highly valuable) as well as actual “how-to’s” from today’s business leaders.

Take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity!

One of my favourite morning rituals is to plug into a podcast while I’m in the shower. I’m one of those people who gets really cool ideas in the shower, so add to it some exceptional business talk and learning and my brain is an idea factory.

(Between you and me, I keep a dry-erase marker in the bathroom to write ideas on the mirror so I don’t forget them). I don’t commute, but listening to podcasts sounds better than road rage/car boredom. Also the gym, on your run, or taking the dog for a walk are great places to flex the brain. The shower works well for me and I love this part of my morning.

I want to share with you, my 5 current faves in terms of podcasts for entrepreneurs. I have listened to a TON of them, and there are many valuable podcasts beyond this list, but these I seem to come back to, as my standards.

My Top 5 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

  1. Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn has been a staple on my iPhone since I started listening to podcasts. This is a must-listen for all business owners as there is room for ALL of us to develop passive income streams. His tagline is “It’s all about working hard now so you can reap the benefits later”. On the date that this is published, his income report is reporting close to $130k/month in income.

  2. The Risk Takers – A relatively new podcast done by one of Canada’s national papers, The Globe and Mail. It explores topics via stories told by “the risk takers” – entrepreneurs who have gone through some sort of risky event in their business (common, but often not talked about), and lived to tell the tale.

  3. The Tim Ferriss Show – Great podcast about productivity and performance optimization (mostly) from the author of The 4-Hour Workweek. While not specifically a business podcast, it definitely appeals to business owners as we seem to dig how to continually get to optimum states.

  4. Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield is a gem, and if you are marketing anything online, this podcast is a must listen! It’s jammed packed with how-to information that you can take and apply TODAY. Huge value here.

  5. The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard – Brendon’s podcasts are uplifting with just the right dose of no-B.S. He talks mastery, leadership, and improving performance. They are short and sweet and get to the point and he is enjoyable and articulate.

So there’s my top 5’s! Lot’s of other fantastic listens out there, and there are new ones always popping up. What’s on your podcast list?

All my best,

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