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9 Things Executive Coaches Can Delegate for Growth

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Having worked with Executive Coaches for most of my time in my practice, I know first hand that delegation can be tricky – but it’s necessary. Here is a spoonful of truth (with some sugar on top):

To grow you simply cannot do everything yourself.

We try….oh boy we try at first, to manage everything ourselves, but our brains are simply not equipped to have 15 jobs. You became a coach to focus on what you do best – coaching and facilitating and being a huge support to your clients. So making that your main focus in your work day so that your clients get ALL of you is a good idea.

Now, I’m not saying pack all of this stuff tomorrow and ship it out, but challenge yourself and see what in this list would help you move the needle if you got it off your plate sooner than later:

Billing, Invoicing and Following Up – If you have ever waited too long to invoice, (or are still waiting to invoice?). If following up on older invoices isn’t your strong suit, start by delegating this piece of the pie. Getting paid is important, as is making sure your invoices are consistent and sent in a timely manner. In my experience, invoices sent sooner get paid faster.

Scheduling Coaching Calls – We all know that scheduling takes up a ton of time, but if your coaching client roster is growing steadily, the more back and forth you will have to do with these clients. While I always suggest implementing an automated scheduler like Acuity, the truth is that not everyone will use it, and we shouldn’t force them to. Having a dedicated person to handle “hands on” clients via scheduling and calendar management as well as following up on clients you haven’t heard from in a while ensures your calendar is consistently booked and your clients feel well taken care of.

Travel Research – So you’ve booked a facilitation gig – awesome – but you have to go through the process of finding flights, hotels and transportation…within your budget. To do this you must compare, which takes time. If you would rather be coaching, why not delegate this task and have someone put together a “good, better, best” scenario for you so you can review all of your options?

Tracking Coaching Hours – As a professional coach, we know this is one of those things that often slips through the cracks. Is there a great system to do this? Yes – with a bit of planning. In the meantime, getting a handle on your current coaching hours for submission can be a time-consuming process and is best left delegated. If you haven’t done so already – get yourself on a Google Calendar as this can ease the process.

Researching Speaking Gigs – Growing your network your influence as an executive coach is paramount when building your practice. Where can you speak for exposure? What groups/organizations/trade events would be ideal? Once you have identified this, get assistance to help you do the research and put together a spreadsheet for speakers submissions.

Uploading Blog Posts – Having an active website via blog is a great way to provide information to prospective clients, increase your SEO (search engine optimization), and establish yourself as a go-to person. Do you need to be a website wiz to do this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis? No – in fact, updating your website couldn’t be simpler these days. But, is it the best use of your coaching time? Probably not. Having someone help you out by creating proof-reading, formatting, creating snappy images and posting your post can save you tons of time.

Maintaining/Creating E-Marketing – Building an email list is a great way to build fans and warm leads for your upcoming events, coaching spots, and programs. This involves consistent effort and strategy. Having someone help you on the strategy end, or putting together to content is sure to help on your list building efforts.

Administration of Assessments – Assessments before workshops require a bit of back-end administration. Having someone manage this on your behalf makes sense from a business and client management perspective. Missing information? Have them follow up. Missing results past the deadline? An assistant can work with the participants to ensure that everyone has completed their assessment and have everything they need (including you) before the workshop.

Social Media – Social media is a good outlet to build brand awareness. While the results on leading to direct clients can vary, it is important to keep your social media accounts helpful, relevant and active. Having a strategy in place to do this is important and base it on your budget. At the very least, someone can help you ensure that you are posting regularly and get all of your blog posts posted on your main social networks. A bigger strategy could involve ads, follower campaigns, etc. and would be definitely something to hand off.

If you look at this list and compare your gut reactions to getting rid of any one of these things, which one does your gut feel the strongest about?

Which would be thrilling to not have to manage anymore?

This is an indicator of where to start with getting that delegated ASAP, or at the very least looking into the best strategy for optimizing the task for the most efficiency.

All my best,


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