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8 Reasons You Need Google Apps

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

I want to share with you today my love for Google Apps for Work and why I practically insist (ok…always insist) that our clients scoot on over to Google Apps if they aren’t already using it. (In fact, we created this little service to help them do this).

While Google Apps is fairly commonplace in the virtual business world these days (including specialty spinoffs for non-profits, government and education), some people are still using less efficient systems to manage their email and calendar and not taking advantage of the other countless tools that comes in your Google Apps toolbox.

If you are currently working with a virtual team, or in the process of building your business in that direction, let me tell you that Google Apps for Work is something you will want to implement in your business sooner than later. Real time collaboration is where it’s at. The main and most important functionalities of Google Apps is how it handles your mail and calendar. This would be the main reason to use it and I’ll explain more in a moment. (And yes…your email would be your own domain…a rule of mine!) But also add countless, simple business tools and you have yourself a really, really valuable efficient tool to run your business for a really, really low cost.

8 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Apps for Work

  1. Web Based Email, Calendar and Storage – I am a fan of using the web interface of this product and not routing it to Mac Mail or any other client. Reason? The mail and calendar features are robust, work in real time with your team (important!) and avoid the glitches that always sometimes occur when you are routing things in outside of the service. The interfaces are powerful and easy. Why make things more complicated than they need to be?

  2. Stellar Search Functions – I’m down with the KISS method. Filing systems for email are appropriate but overrated. The top notch search functions for Mail and Calendar will save you from digging through mail files to find that email that you need to find NOW. Calendar search functions will give you an at-a-glance view of how many coaching calls you’ve had with Sally, for example.

  3. Integration – Integrates and syncs with almost every other web based system out there for extra efficiency.

  4. Professional – Uses your domain email. Must. Must. Must.

  5. Google Drive/Docs – Google Drive is similar to Dropbox, and you get 30GB of storage per user. Docs (comparable to Word), Sheets (comparable to Excel) and Slides (comparable to PowerPoint) are also included. Everything is cloud based, this is a great tool for collaboration.

  6. Productivity + Labs – Add in canned responses to save yourself oodles of time, customize how you whip through and view email, have your subscription emails sent to another area to view when you have time. You can customize your experience to be as productive as possible.

  7. Google Sites – A little known feature is Google Sites, where you can actually create a website with this service. While I wouldn’t personally do this for your main business site, this is an excellent way to build a private and secure company intranet to store forms, processes and systems as well as updates that multiple people would need to have access to.

  8. Inexpensive – Everything is included for $5 per user per month. A user would be considered an email address.

Within these pieces and features are lots of amazing hacks and productivity resources to get you going with a more seamless operational process within your business. Google apps is an amazing choice to move to if you are looking to streamline your operations, professionalize your business and get working efficiently with a virtual team.

To your productivity!


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