Executive Coaches

the time is NOW  to ORGANIZE, SYSTEMATIZE and AUTOMATE your tasks and business systems.

 What if you could say YES to an easy, branded, CONSISTENT client experience while saying GOODBYE to extra admin work?

Can you relate to any of these symptoms of overwhelm or disorganization?

  • You're an established Executive Coach but your admin and customer experience are not consistant.

  • You're a brand new Executive Coach and want to to feel professional, on the ball, and organized as your build your practice.

  • You're still creating invoices in Excel and proposals in Word.

  • You know there is an easier way to run your business but you don't have time to figure it all out.

  • You've dropped the ball on sending an email, following up on a new lead or reminding someone about their coaching call.

  • Your scheduling and rescheduling is becoming overwhelming..

  • You think it may be time to hire an assistant.

  • You want to offer a top-notch client experience that suits you, your brand and your style of work.

  • You feel like you're doing everything yourself.

These are all VERY common issues.

But what if it could be WAY easier?

Let me give you your roadmap...

Business Systems Made Easy for Executive Coaches is a 6-module, self guided, online course designed (with love) specifically for YOU!

I've designed this as a go-to

for your Executive Coaching business to organize, systematize and automate your internal tasks.

Right here, right now and you’re liberat

Hi, I'm Brooke. I've been working with Executive Coaches since 2011 set up and automate their coaching practices.


I've created this course due to the high demand of coaches looking for this information!


What CRM works the best? How do I automate my scheduling, onboarding and regular admin tasks?


This program is your straight forward roadmap to cut through the noise and finally get your systems running smoothly.

It's designed in a step-by-step, "build-upon" format, so whether you are a new coach grad or an experienced coach who wants to level up, you'll find value in this self-guided online program.

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn:

Module 1 
Business By Design: Your Essential Policies (and Boundaries!)

We start with the foundations that drive good systems and clear communications. We go over the MUST HAVE policies that today's business owners need to post, and design a blueprint of our business boundaries that are the backbone of our systems.

Module 2
The 3 Layer Cake of Systems: Your Essential Tool Box for Business Success

We'll share with you the 3 essential systems that all Executive Coaches need to keep their sanity, automate, deliver a consistent client experiences, and we will go through the some of the popular systems on the market - so you can make an easy choice. We'll set them up with checklists to make it fool-proof and easy to implement.

Module 3
Your Online Presence: The Skinny on What You Need and What You Don't in the Website Space

Whether your already have a website, or are thinking about setting one up, in this module gives you frank information on getting a great looking site set up without a ton of fuss. What are the pros and cons of each website platform, what is ESSENTIAL to include and the type of website you should never, ever set up.

Module 4
Sweet, Sweet Automation - Client Onboarding and Workflows

Delivering a consistent, branded, high-end client experience while creating less work for you is a game changer. In this module we provide the blueprints for 3 essential workflows that will keep your clients happy and your business running seamlessly (while you don't have to remember the details).

Module 5
Stop Counting & Effortlessly Track Your Coaching Hours

As an Executive Coach you know it's imperative to track your coaching hours. But updating a spreadsheet is another task on the to-do list. In this module, we go through how to easily figure out your hours balance with our new systems. If you haven't been tracking thus far, we'll go through some hacks that will help you.

Module 6
Task and Project Management & Building a Team

At some point you will want to start delegating work. This module goes through how to manage current tasks and projects and step-by-step how to delegate them. We also go through our hot-list of tasks that Executive Coaches should start delegating first and practical resources to grow and manage a virtual team.

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  • Modules are released weekly - this course is self-paced

  • Materials contain videos, checklists, blue-prints and fillable records

  • Participants are able to ask questions through the online learning platform

  • Access to updates for life...if course material changes, you always have access to it.

  • For extra support you can purchase the Consulting and Accountability option for 3, bi-weekly calls to help you implement your systems, answer questions and keep you accountable.

  • Money-back guarantee - if you haven't learned anything by week 3, we will refund your investment.

Your investment in to get your business systems working FOR you:




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Right here, right now and you’re liberat

About the Instructor

Brooke Simmons is the principal of Green Door, small business systems strategist, baby pilot, yogi and nature lover. She loves mixing super practical systems strategy with a cup of common sense and a dash of mindset mastery. She works with clients by creating courses and programs to help them master their business and 1:1 strategy sessions. You can get in touch with her here.