1:1 Strategy



Be honest...


How often to do you get great ideas but don't have the time to put them into play? 


Or maybe you desperately want to make them happen but the execution and technology seems overwhelming.

Maybe you've signed up for "the system" that was supposed to make you more organized (and are paying for it every month) but you're still feeling like things are scattered.

Or maybe you have a whole pile of projects you've started but they're all just sitting there (staring at you) because you've lost momentum for any of the above reasons. 

Don't worry. You're totally normal.

You need some honest clarity and a non-overwhelming plan. 

Hey, Im Brooke

Our 1:1 Strategy Sessions are efficient and hands on! (Sometimes, literally...I've been known to get into systems and fix things right on our calls). Our goal together is to create clarity, decipher strategy, answer questions and put a plan in place to move you forward towards the execution of your goals.

I also serve as an accountability partner to you which is why our strategy sessions are in blocks of 4. Having a regular, strategic person to be accountable to, is shown to help you reach your goals faster.




If you've ever had a thought like this...

...then we need to talk

  • I think I want to start a podcast...I have no idea how to do that.

  • I know I should be keeping in touch with people and building a list, but I just don't have the space.

  • I have so many conflicting priorities in my business and I'm tired.

  • I have an idea for an online course but I have no clue how to actually make this happen.

  • I would love it if things could just magically happen on their own in my business...I feel like I do EVERYTHING.

  • I feel scattered in my business, I'm sure there is a better way to do things.

  • I would love for someone to just run my ideas off of and if they could just show me how to get it done.

You don't have to do this alone...

let's meet to see if 1:1 Strategy is for you